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Digital Transformation

Businesses everywhere are wanting to transform paper based processes to Electronic or digital. Going through Digital Transformation without the correct advice or platform can actually have a negative effect on productivity in your office! Some of the benefits of undertaking Digital Transformation in your business include Reduced costs of paper & printing, crucial business data securely stored and backed up, no risk of misplacing documents, no risk of losing documents in fire or other natural disasters and significant improvements to general staff efficiency.

RBM offers a wide range of technology to assist your business on your Digital Transformation journey. From digitising existing crucial business data to making ongoing processes electronic to automating processes completely. If your business has been wanting to go digital or Paperless, we offer free consultation and advice and would welcome the opportunity to guide your business through this process. For more information on Digital Transformation, refer to below solutions we offer or Speak to one of our experts today.

Accounts Payable Automation

Utilizing world leading Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology from our partners Canon and Toshiba, we offer multiple custom built Accounts Payable technology packages designed to automate your Supplier invoice data into your Accounting System (Xero, Reckon, MYOB & More). Correctly implemented, this technology can mean multiple hours per month saved and significant reduction in human errors in your business.

Information Management Systems

As data becomes more important to businesses every year, managing incoming and outgoing Information within your business can become very time consuming and depending on current situation, not accessible at all. RBM tries to encapsulate not only the documents and flow of documents, but also crucial business information. For Example, How many outstanding Invoices in my accounts department? How many quotes were sent out last month? If you, like many other businesses in Central Queensland, can’t answer this you may want to consider an Information Management System from RBM.

Document Management Systems

As businesses become “Paperless” or begin their “Digital Journey”, RBM is here to hold your hand along the way. We have access to World leading, Award winning Document Management systems which we can implement, customise and train staff on, locally. From listening to businesses over the past few decades, we acknowledge that every business operates differently to the next. Therefore, any Document Management System we offer will be customised for YOUR business with face to face training and ongoing support. Some of the features of Document Management Systems include Electronic Forms, Document Workflows(Automation), MS Office integration (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Web forms & much more. Document Management Systems are now FULLY scalable depending on the size of your business and come with a Cloud Based offering or on your local server, resulting in this technology being affordable for any size business or organisation.

Document Security

PDF Level – Saving as PDF is no longer secure. PDF editing software has been around for many years now. In the last 5 years significant improvement to Conversion technology (Convert to word, excel, PowerPoint etc.), the ability to redact (edit words/images in PDFs) and the most concerning evolution…the accessibility of this technology. Setting up a “Security Scheme” (Encrypted and Changing who can edit, extract pages, open, print or photocopy) for all of your businesses outgoing or crucial PDFs can be simple as a double click before hitting save. As well as creating Secure PDF’s, there are significant other advantages to PDF editing software in your business, such as the ability to:

• Combine PDFs
• Extract Pages
• Redact words or images
• Convert to Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.
• Bookmark, Annotate, Create forms & more

Document Level – Utilising world leading Document Management technology, along with automating business processes and massively increasing efficiency, comes a significant amount of document security such as:

• Version control (Always working on the latest version in the one location, with the ability to load old versions)
• The ability for administrators to define who has full, read only, or no access to your information at a global level, user group level, Document category or individual user
• Audit trail for Tasks, Case History and old versions
• Check in/Check out for each document

At time of Scan – A recent edition to business grade Photocopiers is the ability to Scan as a “SECURE PDF”, enabling users at time of scan;

• Scan as Encrypted PDF
• Set password for opening PDF
• Set Permissions password to restrict Printing, Photocopying, Editing, Page extraction

At time of Print – The latest Print Management solutions have evolved with Data security with features such as;

• Secure print release – Individual print queue (Users can only see their documents, no documents left on photocopier output trays)
• Authentication – Users must authenticate with Swipe card or PIN code
• Digital signatures – A digital signature can be printed on all pages of a document and can then be used to locate job metadata such as author time of print and document name.
• Watermarking – Watermarks can contain any fixed text or text from variables such as user, date / time, digital signature and printer. These can be defined to match your security requirements

Print Management

Printing, if not managed correctly, can become a significant cost and time consuming area of your business. If you have multiple Printing devices in your business or organisation, there may be a better way RBM can manage your devices so you can put your time back into the core objectives of your business. RBM has access to multiple Print Management Systems from Canon, Toshiba & Third party providers which we can apply with our years of industry experience to ensure all of your devices are working in A1 condition to maximise productivity. Key features of Print Management include Print Queues, Automated reports, Rules and Routing, Release Jobs from any device and usually result in a 20-50% reduction in paper waste.

Scanning Solutions

Scanning volumes are increasing which can cause major inefficiencies in your business without the right technology. Scanning hardware has come a long way over the past ten years, but also there may be a Scanning Solution that can save your business hundreds of employee hours per annum. These can be as basic as naming a file at time of scan to using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) to automate your scanning process completely. Along with local implementation and support, Scanning Solutions can be designed to integrate with your existing Line of business system or DMS, Including LEAP Online, Law Master, Lexis Nexis, Handisoft, Xero & Hundreds more.

Job Management

Unlike “Out of the box” Job Management Systems you can find online and purchase, RBM has the facility to custom build your business the perfect solution to manage everything from Quote stage to Accounts Receivable process. Utilizing different Information Management features such as, Electronic Forms, Required Job documented linked back to Job number, Mobile Application, Accounts Payable integration we can provide you with a system that not only keeps a record of work done, but also a searchable record through the whole process including all information and forms relating to the Job, Quote & Invoice etc.

Paperless solutions – Back scanning

Our clients who have been around since the paper-based era were constantly telling us they are wanting to go electronic, but not spend many resources getting there. From this, RBM has developed two possible solutions to help your company take crucial business information from paper to digital.

Canon’s Document Scanning service
Utilising one of our major partners Canon Australia, we have the ability to offer your business here in CQ, Document scanning service. See below for a brief run-through of this process;

  • Your documents posted to Canon
  • Documents are scanned on commercial grade belt scanner
  • Indexed or Simple scanned onto a Hard drive
  • Documents securely destroyed or posted back
  • Your information delivered on external Hard drive

RBM Scan station
If you are wanting to take your paper based information electronic but not use the above method, you have the option of purchasing or renting a Scan Station for your business. Without the right equipment, back scanning your paper based records can be extremely time consuming and rarely becomes a reality. RBM Scan station includes;

  • Commercial grade heavy duty document scanner
  • Document scanning software to remove blank pages, DEskew, DEspeckle, autorotate etc.
  • Paper guillotine to remove staples
  • Commercial grade shredder to dispose of documents
  • Purchase outright or short-term rental options

For more information on how to stop paying for offsite storage or finally get rid of your room full of archive boxes, get in touch with one of our experts here.

Employee Record Management

Having access to Employee records has got out of control. Businesses are struggling to keep all relevant information accessible for each employee. For Example. Which Employee has a Forklift ticket? Which Employees have been inducted at this mine site? When does this Employees first Aid training expire? If you can’t answer any of these questions, you may want to consider Employee Record Management technology. RBM can supply you with a system to manage Employee records, custom built to your business needs.

Cost Recovery & Allocation

Without the use of Cost Recovery technology, Primarily in Legal, your firm could be wearing the costs of printing, Photocopying, paper, scanning & faxing instead of this charge being allocated to the relevant Matter. We have seen Law firms in Central Queensland either not charging correct amounts for the work done or attempting to manually record usage on paper or windows notepad. This will result in significant amounts of staff time wasted, Thousands in lost revenue and usually, Matters being charged incorrectly.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms or Web Forms can be the easiest way for your business to Start a process electronically, without having the need to print, fill in, post, scan, send at all. Creating an Electronic Form or Web Form instead of a paper based form can add significant value to your business such as reduced staff time involved, No risk of losing or misplacing, Reduced printing costs, Reduce Paper waste, Data stored & digitally archived instantly. RBM has the facility to implement this stand alone or as part of a full Document Management System. An example of an Electronic Form would be Leave Request form, New patient records, Job Card, Customer acceptance form etc.

Office Automation

The purpose of technology in general, is to get technology to do the work instead of you or to save you time. Also known as, Automation. Along with RBM’s range of solutions, comes the technology to Automate time consuming processes done on a daily basis. Resulting in significant amounts of time saved where staff can focus on growing other areas of your business. RBM can assist with automation in filing of documents(Physical or Digital), internal correspondence, external communication, accounting processes, job management and reporting. Speak to one of our Account Managers via Phone or Email if you have a time consuming processes you would like automated or if you would like to find out what automation we have done with similar businesses in your industry.

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