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Total Print Fleet Management made easy

At a time when more and more organisations are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency, RBM offers a proven solution that’s been helping business units like yours for years.

With RBM optimising your fleet of printers and managing your print environment, we’ll help you reach your financial goals while allowing you to focus on what really matters – your business.

We’ve made significant improvements on the efficiency and productivity in a wide range of businesses by listening to them and learning about their needs. Meaningful results require more than new technology and services. People must be fully engaged in the process of change. Then it’s important to keep improving, to keep finding ways to increase efficiency.

By Using the latest technology, effective software and harnessing our extensive experience, RBM can help you significantly reduce your costs.

A defined print policy

By clearly establishing what your organisation’s print policy is, such as the rules around colour printing, you have a reference document that helps you to maintain control of printing habits.

Rationalising your print fleet

By carrying out a careful audit of your print and workflow needs, we can ensure your fleet matches your requirements. This is about more than just cutting down the number of devices. It’s about ensuring the most appropriate devices are placed in the right locations to ensure maximum efficiency.

Cutting down on consumables

Introducing software to set duplex printing as a default option can dramatically reduce the amount of paper used. We can also help you ensure colour printing is only used when it is really required to save even more.

The right device for the right job

We can enable printing from any networked device. With the right software in place, this means that jobs can be automatically routed to the most cost effective printer for that job. We can even build rules to apply default settings for specific applications, such as Black & White for all print jobs coming from email.

Secure printing

Secure printing means a job is only printed when the person that sent it to print is at the device. This reduces incidences of lost or forgotten printing, and so reduces reprinting of the same document.

Control over procurement

We consolidate all your print suppliers into one, with a single monthly bill, giving you greater control over procurement and offering the benefits of centralised purchasing.

Maintaining savings

We also help you maintain control so that costs do not spiral upwards again in the future. Clear reporting means you can allocate print costs, plan budgets and enables RBM to identify potential improvements.

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