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RBM partner with Manufacturer Based and Tier 1 3rd Party Suppliers to offer our clients flexible and affordable Finance packages. RBM clients can choose from Consolidated Monthly Billing for Finance & Service, Pay Per Print or Fixed Monthly Rental and Lease.

Consolidated Monthly Billing

Whether your business has one device or multiple pieces of equipment managed by RBM, you can have a Single Monthly Direct Debit with an itemised invoices for both the Finance Amount and the Service Costs. Save on Admin costs without any reduction in transparency.

Pay Per Print

Choose a unique method of equipment finance for your organisation where you pay for the machine and well as service costs with each Print! RBM’s PPP packages make the task of equipment acquirement easy without fixed billing cycles where seasonality is accounted for.

Fixed Monthly Rental/Lease

Traditional fixed monthly billing cycles for Rental & Leasing Packages are available over a variety of payment terms.

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